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Hoofprints Sketchbook 1

Hoofprints Front

This is my Hoof Prints sketchbook with sketches of my new project Counterpoint about a world of plant people and creatures, along with Frankenfarmer, Jenny & Huggybear, Santa Claus, a Transformer, Glumbys, Armadillo, Weasel-Monkey designs. Also my TV show character designs of Fringe and a small portion of my Lost designs along with Life Drawings.

8.5" by 5.5", 28 pgs, Softcover
Hoofprints 1

Page 1

Hoofprints 2

Page 2

Hoofprints 3

Page 3

Hoofprints 4

Hoofprints 4

Hoofprints 5

Hoofprints 5

Hoofprints 6

Hoofprints 6

File:Hoofprints 7.jpg
Hoofprints 8

Hoofprints 8

Hoofprints 9

Hoofprints 9

Hoofprints 10

Page 10

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