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Trading Card Starter Sets include three clear collector card pages of Lost trading cards. This includes 2 pages of 9 character cards and one page of 6 puzzle cards. $8 for Starter set, future pages of cards are being worked on.

1 Jack Shepard

Trading Cards 1F

Character Card Page #1 Front

2 John Locke

3 Kate Austen

4 James "Sawyer" Ford

5 Benjamin Linus

6 Charles Widmore

7 Desmond Hume
Trading Cards 1B

Character Card Page #1 Back

8 Sayid Jarrah

9 Hugo "Hurley" Reyes

Lost Trading Cards Page 2
Trading Cards 2F

Character Card Page #2 Front

10 Claire & Aaron Littleton

11 Charlie Pace

12 Eko

13 Daniel Faraday
Trading Cards 2B

Character Card Page #2 Back

14 Miles Straume

15 Frank Lapidus

16 Juliet Burke

17 Sun Kwon

18 Jin Kwon

The third page is a 6 card/piece puzzle of my Island Dharma Stations Illustration with info on most of the Dharma Stations on the back of each card. Cards 1A - 1F

Stations included in the puzzle page

1A The Staff & The Looking Glass

1B The Swan & The Pearl

1C The Flame

1D The Orchid

1E The Tempest

1F The Hydra
Trading Cards PF

Puzzle Card Page Front

Trading Cards PB

Puzzle Card Page Back

Product Page:

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